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If you’re in the Dallas or Fort Worth area and your child or you are suffering from a condition called OMD, then you may be wondering what type of treatment is available in the area. If you are experiencing problems with speech or swallowing and other problems that are related to the positioning of your tongue and you’re unfamiliar with the condition, then you may be wondering exactly what it is. Here we will take a look at the treatment that is available for OMD in the Dallas and Fort Worth area.

What Is OMD?

When you’re speaking and your tongue moves far too much to the front and causes problems with your pronunciation and with swallowing, then you may be suffering from the condition of OMD which is orofacial myofunctional disorder. This condition leads to the tongue being too far forward when someone is trying to rest or if they’re swallowing and when they’re speaking.

What Are The Basic Signs That A Person May Have OMD?

When an infant is born it is fairly normal for the tongue to thrust when they swallow but as they grow this condition will decrease and eventually disappear. If a child has this condition continue, then the way they swallow or speak and their general appearance will be to a degree different than other children that are of similar age. As a child ages, they will become increasingly self-conscious about this abnormality.

Discover More About Getting Treatment For OMD In Dallas And Ft Worth

How Can I Have My Child Diagnosed For OMD?

In most situations, if you are in the Dallas or Fort Worth area and you’re wanting to be diagnosed to confirm or deny that you or your child suffer from OMD, you will need to be looked at and examined by a team of professionals. These professionals can include a physician, an orthodontist,  a dentist, and a speech language pathologist. If someone has their tongue create pressure against their teeth and this has led to alignment problems, then an orthodontist and dentist will likely need to assist with this condition.

A physician will examine the individual to make sure that their airway is free and that the person is able to breathe properly. If the individual has allergies or enlarged tonsils it may further complicate the condition. A speech language pathologist will work with an individual who has issues related to their speech and this person can also help them learn techniques for swallowing and for posture when sleeping.

What Kinds Of Treatments Are Available In The Dallas And Fort Worth Area?

Any individual who is suffering with speech disorders or with the posture of their mouth when it’s open and with swallowing can be worked with by an SLP which will then create a plan to help the patient improve their ability to articulate and with their oral posture. Some of the treatments that are available will include helping the patient become aware of exactly how they hold their tongue in relationship to their mouth when at rest. If the airway is blocked then the individual may require medical treatment for the situation.